International men share their reasons behind divorcing Japanese spouses

International men share their reasons behind divorcing Japanese spouses


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It’s not constantly as “clear cut” as many people appear to think. Since the ex-(foreign)-wife of a very educated man that is japanese i could vouch it is not necessarily the spouse whom loses libido after having kids. The husband preferred to beat, punch and kick his wife instead in this case. We had been both working – and I also proceeded working even with pregnancy – and will have done this anyhow, not just we needed the extra cash anyway) because he gave that as a prerequisite “condition” for getting married but because I’ve always been interested in continuing to work outside the house (and at the beginning of his career,. I managed to escape with the younger son but the elder one was “hidden away”, which explains why I’m still here when he started slapping the kids around.

I really could do not have thought such a modification of the apparently refined, considerate son We came across as soon as we had been both pupils in France.


That is awful. Hope you discover a real method through. For just what it really is well well worth, all my sympathy. .


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@cracaphat (love the name btw)

Certainly feel just like some dudes have actually permitted by themselves to be placed under ways.

Only if it had been that easy! Have actually you never experienced the wraith of the manipulative girl? There is certainly simply no thinking using them whatsoever.

“Ok then – well simply up & leave then!” is the clear answer you are probably thinking about next, right? Continue reading “International men share their reasons behind divorcing Japanese spouses”