We are a technology company in which smart devices are used to various articles and any possible surface (textiles – wood – etc) in order to make them more practical and intelligent for a specific action.

STDI Company manages to make your brand to the next level. The thing is that we care about your digital presence. You can have your business card, menu, profile or so many things into our products, making people connect to you in a smarter, easier and faster way".
Antonio Cioffi

Enhancing life is our goal

We are a company registered in the United States called STDI Company (Smart Technology Device Integration) which provides and sells an innovative service to industries, companies and the general public, our technology can be used for corporate purposes, as well as for everyday life. We seek to expand our innovative technology to adapt to all possible scenarios and provide the highest efficiency of our services and products. 

Love to exceed expectations

Our technology allows us to cut response times, streamline transactions, interact quickly and efficiently, enhance and facilitate the speed of execution of an action, go hand in hand in real time with the environment around us, we can adapt and provide our customers with optimal solutions that are able to meet and fulfill all the expectations and needs they have.

Because we are passionated...

Pole position

We are positioned as the first company to go to market with this new method and idea to commercialize. Today we can integrate our technology to any product and as a first pilot project we focus on garments, such as flannels, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, gloves, caps, among others.

...we aim to be pioneers

We aim to be a futuristic entity, leaders in innovation and design, that our products and services are at the forefront of the market. We believe that we can provide our customers with a service in which they can take a particularly important step, creating a new way of marketing and advertising their products, services, businesses, social networks, launches, promotions, among others, through a garment.